Valentine's Day TOP 5

Published on January 27, 2021

Sales Representative Nathalie Morency

“I find the forms and dimensions very interesting in order to create fresh, dried or preserved floral arrangements. The sizes are ideal to use with broken floral stems or heads, often too short for bound bouquet.”

Assorted vases are a great option for the customer who wants a good quality and price on his vase. They can be used separately or together to create a great visual composition.

Sales Representative Pierre

“After reading the blog article ‘How to stem your preserved roses with our receptacle stems’ I fell in love with the look of the three heads stem 700–816. With Valentine’s Day at our doors, I thought this accessory to be a great complement to create and build up a preserved flowers arrangement.”

In a recent blog, we talked about the great practicality of our receptacle stems to rapidly and easily stem your preserved roses. Supple and with a head size made to receive your flowers, your bouquet preparation will take less time than ever. With four steps only, you are ready to add a touch of preserved flowers to any of your bouquet. Go take a look at our detailed blog article to better understand why Pierre chose this accessory as his favourite of the season.

Sales representative Nathalie Lacombe

“For me, being new in the company, I really love our selection of ribbons. The one I prefer is the black stripe ribbon with red hearts on it. I would mix it with a pretty black satin ribbon for a chic and sophisticated Valentine look.”

Our Valentine’s Day ribbons are very colourful this year. They will mix perfectly well with all your gifts and floral arrangements. Try using them with a colourful wrap or with Kraft paper to add a little je ne sais quoi to your flowers. Come see our full selection and choose which one makes your heart beat faster ;)!

Nathalie also fell in love with our preserved roses. It’s hard selecting only one favourite! Here is what she has to say about it:

“Preserved roses are also one of my favourite. Why not gift an eternal roses bouquet as presented on our Valentine’s Day catalogue cover page? With a touch of creativity and imagination, you can make a beautiful and long-lasting miracle appear! We have a wide selection of preserved greens and flowers. I adore!”

Accessories Buyer Manager Ariel

“My favourite accessory this season is the ivory satin preserved rose. It is a beautiful rose that changes from the red roses we often see on Valentine’s Day. It is pretty and delicate.”

This year is far from ordinary and why not embrace it by mixing traditional and new. Preserved roses are as romantic as can be and are offered in an array of colours and sizes giving you the perfect opportunity to create something fun and different.

Marketing Manager Myriam

“So much fun to create dried, preserved or fresh floral arrangements with these frog picks! My heart was stolen by how easy they are to use, their weight and the sizes available. Floral foams are over for me for my day-to-day arrangements!”

Les Frog Pics sont une nouveauté de 2020 qui résonne avec plusieurs, en particulier pour leur côté réutilisable et écologique. C’est un accessoire à utiliser seul, en combinaison avec du Sure-Stick ou encore avec de la mousse florale pour les pièces et arrangements plus lourd. Gageons que comme Myriam, vous ne pourrez plus vous en passer une fois que vous l’aurez essayé!

A novelty from 2020, Frog Picks are great for all of those who want to integrate a more sustainable approach in their designs. It’s a great accessory to use on its own or in a combination with Sure-Stick or floral foam for bigger and heavier arrangements. It’s a great piece to have around at all time!



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