An unusually high arrangement.

Published on November 29, 2020

Without trying to create something that imitates nature, Isabel Harrisson decided to make a design that defies it. With a good usage of paper, painted wheat stems and artificial flowers, you can get a composition full of height and well balanced.

In this video you will be shown how we can create a different levels arrangement with very few products.



  1. Create a structural base to insert the stems
  2. Spray paint silver each wheat stems
  3. Wired and stem your greens and berries
  4. The wheat will serve as a backdrop to the rest of your elements. They will be the highest focal point so make sure the base is well glued for more stability.
  5. Insert and glue your accent flowers and greens.
  6. To connect the bottom and the top of the arrangement, place the berry garland at an angle. The eye will travel freely and you will add dynamism to the composition.