Terms of Use

Fleurigros inc. (”Fleurigros”) operates the fleurigros.ca website (the ”website”). The use of this website is controlled and/or managed by the following conditions. These conditions represent a contract between you ‘the buyer’ and Fleurigros inc. These conditions can be modified at anytime by Fleurigros.


Website place of exploitation

The Fleurigros website is being operated from its offices in Canada. Fleurigros makes no notation on the effect that some website elements might be used outside of Canada. Web site access is forbidden on territories where the legislation prohibits its contents. Those who choose to use the website do it on their own initiative and should conform to every applicable laws. Every claim relative to the website and its contents are controlled by Quebec law.

Restrictions of use

Except certain specified sections, it is strictly prohibited to copy, reproduce, publish, translate, dispense, download, post or forward any elements from the website without written permission from Fleurigros or the copyright holder.

Business trademark

All logos and trademarks used or posted on the website are registered by Fleurigros or a third party. It is forbidden to use or reproduce a trademark without the owner’s written permission.


Order acceptance

The order confirmation received by email does not automatically mean that Fleurigros accepted said orders, nor does it engage them to sell anything. Fleurigros can refuse to do business with any client or establish quantity limits on every article in the order and this without notice.

Payment form

  • We accept the following credit cards: Visa and MasterCard.
  • We do not accept cheques or money orders.


  • All prices listed on the website are subject to change without notice.
  • Taxes, delivery and all other means of transportation will be additional expenses.
  • At any given time, Fleurigros can change item prices without notice.
  • All the prices are in Canadians Dollars.
  • Prices may vary between the website and Fleurigros stores.

Return Policy

  • Requests for returning any items can be made via Fleurigros within 24 business hours of their arrival. In order to properly and efficiently return items, the following information must be included: invoice(s) number(s), order number(s) and authorization number given to you by customer service upon your request. Please return items to the following address: Fleurigros – Retour, 2365 Watt avenue, Québec (Québec), G1P 3X2.
  • If you should choose to send back an item for reasons other than defective or an error on Fleurigros’s part, you will be responsible to pay all delivery expenses.
  • You have 10 days upon receiving your authorization number to return items.
  • All charges, except delivery expenses, that were charged on your credit card will be reimbursed upon receiving the returned items if they were returned in the same condition we delivered them. Delivery expenses will be reimbursed only if the item is defective or if we made an error.
  • All products posted on the website can be ordered. Please take note that these items might not be in inventory. Your order might be detained if Fleurigros needs to wait for one or more out of stock items. If your order is ‘RUSH’, we strongly recommend doing a separate order for those said items.
  • Fleurigros does not guarantee any item availability. If Fleurigros can not deliver any item because they’re out of stock or backordered, you will be informed by telephone.


  • Fleurigros will deliver your items to the address given with your order.
  • Delivery expenses vary with your order volume and weight. You will be informed of the expenses by telephone.
  • Fleurigros will ship your order as soon as possible after receiving your order acceptance. Destination and item availability will affect the time and delivery expenses. Delivery deadlines are estimated from the moment the products leave Fleurigros store.
  • You will become the products owner from the time Fleurigros gives your order to the delivery business. Fleurigros will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged items.
  • For all products delivered outside of Canada you will be responsible for any exportation and customs clearance expenses.
  • Deliveries will be subject to any delivery policy used by the delivery company Fleurigros is doing business with.
  • Fleurigros will communicate any information by telephone.
  • No delivery will be done at a P.O. box.
  • Fleurigros will deliver your order upon receiving full payment for ordered items.



  • 5% on any orders of $100 or more of accessories at regular price**
  • 15% on any orders of $500 or more of accessories at regular price*
  • 20% on any orders of $1000 or more of accessories at regular price*

* Discount is applicable on all in stock items at regular price. Not applicable on any items either on sale, on liquidation and/or with quantity pricing. All backorders must be accepted within 30 days. This rebate is not applicable on handling, delivery charges and applicable taxes.

** 5% discount applicable for all orders of $100 or more purchase. This discount is applicable to our online registered customers, directly on our website. This rebate is not applicable on handling, delivery charges and applicable taxes.

The customer must respect their account conditions and terms. We reserve the right to end this offer, without notice.

You are being transferred to our supplier direct webpage. This webpage is conceived to offer you a range of our most demanded products at competitive prices. In order to have access to these advantages, we request you to accept the sales conditions that are specific to this part of our website. Please click below to agree to the following conditions:

  • Orders placed on the supplier direct website cannot be cancelled.
  • If a product is unavailable from the supplier, we will advise you no later than 72 hours after your order. Affected products will be automatically removed from your order.
  • The minimum order quantity is the displayed case size.
  • Returns will only be accepted for quality issues including broken product, missing product, or defective product. No other returns will be accepted. Returns need to be approved by a representative before claims are accepted.
  • Fleurigros cannot guarantee the availability of products offered on the website.
  • The order date on the website is reflective of the anticipated arrival date in our warehouse. All orders are subject to change.

We hope you enjoy your customer experience!