Published on March 21, 2023

Do you like dried flowers? Are you looking for original and trendy ideas for your customers? Then you'll love our selection of four dried flowers that will make you fall in love!

The dried silver daisy

The dried pinky button

Palm sun leaf

The dried lagurus

The dried silver daisy

It is ideal to create a romantic bouquet. You can mix it with other dried flowers like gypsophila or limonium. You can find the silver daisy on our website by clicking here :

Pinky button

This round and fluffy flower looks like a button. It comes in several colors, such as pink, beige, white or blue. It brings a touch of sweetness and fantasy to flower arrangements. You can combine it with larger dried flowers like roses or hydrangeas. You can find the pinky button on our website by clicking here:

Palm sun leaf

It is perfect for giving volume and contrast to exotic or modern floral arrangements. You can place it in a large vase or attach it to the wall to create an original decoration. You can find the palm leaf on our website by clicking here:

The dried lagurus

Also called harelip or rabbit ear. There are many colors, like white, pink, yellow or blue. It creates a natural and elegant effect in floral decorations. You can use it alone or with other dried flowers like lavender or immortals. You can find the dried lagurus on our website by clicking here :

Don't wait any longer and discover these four dried flowers on our website! You will be surprised by their beauty and quality! And if you need advice or inspiration, do not hesitate to consult our blog where you will find many interesting articles about dried flowers!



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