How to Make a Silk Paper Collar—Commercial Level

Published on December 13, 2020

Paper wraps, sleeves and boxes are some of the options available for all of us to wrap flowers. What if I told you there are also handmade options available to you? Alternative techniques can create a new style and make your bouquet more dynamic.

This is where we present to you the silk collar. In a first video, we showed a demonstrative collar to help you better understand the process. But not everyone has an hour to make complex shapes and bouquet. That is why we made a “how to” on how to make a commercial silk paper collar. Easier than it looks, you can make a beautiful one with few materials and in less time than you think.



  • Natural cotton stem 704-640
  • Cream hydrangea stem 654-202
  • Pine stem with white berries (disassemble and use all elements separately) 654-601
  • Silver metallic wire 404-250
  • 3D white metal stars 557-461


  1. Build a circular structure with wire and a ring of cardboard. The bigger the ring is, the bigger your bouquet will be. This structure will serve as the base for the arrangement.
  2. Take 4 silk paper sheet and glue them together with a mixture of half-white glue and half water. Let dry completely
  3. Cut down in the shape you want. Remember to use your cardboard ring as a guide for the inner circle size.
  4. Glue the silk paper obtained at step 3 onto the structure. Make sure you cover up the cardboard for a better finish.


Try different materials to make the collar unique. Autumn or magnolia leaves, wheat, wood sticks are some examples you could work with.

  1. You are now ready to make your bouquet!