Vegetal Frame and Wall Arrangements — Demo Level

Published on November 8, 2020

Cold season is well on its way and we are ready to tackle our festive wreaths ahead. Wreaths can take many shapes, styles and colours. In this first of two blog articles we will demonstrate how with a superb dried and preserved vegetal wall arrangement.


The lack of space in the majority of your clients home can be a struggle turned opportunity for you. Too few surfaces, young children or animals can stop some of your customers to buy a bouquet or a plant from you. It is why we love the idea of dressing up the walls in a room. Often forgotten, walls, windows and doors are a perfect support for a vegetal frame such as a wreath. Not only will it be esthetic and stylish, it will change an environment dynamics and wow your clients.

Made of greens, moss, preserved and dried flowers or fresh ones, mural arrangements are a great gift and options for art collectors. 

In this video, Isabel will explain why she loves this design option by creating a superb autumn/winter frame.



  1. Screw the wreath on your wood board for solidity. Do not forget, the frame will go on a wall and will be quite heavy in the end.
  2. Glue the moss inside the wreath.
  3. Glue the wheat heads around the arrangement to create a focal point.
  4. Add decorative elements as a final touch.


You can wire all the small design accessories in advance to gain time while assembling your arrangement.
To make sure they do not mingle, roll them around a cardboard piece, a paper towel or paper toilet roll.

Do not hesitate to try different techniques and materials to innovateand make something unique.