Burgundy and blue bound bouquet arrangement

Published on September 27, 2020


What is a bond bouquet? A bond bouquet is an arrangement created by placing stems all in one direction. The bouquet is then tightly bonded and secured. The directional placement gives the bouquet more stability and durability while giving you more control over the placement of the stems. The technic can be used for natural, artificial, dried or preserved arrangements.

Here is a beautiful example created by Isabel Harrisson.



  1. Stem all your flowers and greens. The length of each stems need to be similar to help you shape the bouquet.

  2. Start your bouquet with the structural elements. In this example, Isabel is using small bundle of sticks. She is giving herself a nice base to insert the floral stems.


Make sure you hold your bouquet firmly but not too tight. Keep it in your hand until finished and bonded. You want to avoid loosening the arrangement otherwise; it will lose its shape.

  1. Add all your floral and leaf stems to create your base.


Think twice before throwing something! Every single part of a floral stem can be used for another arrangement. Don’t hesitate to put on the side the stems, leaves and more. See here how Isabel transformed wheat stems from a mural arrangement to place them in a bouquet.

  1. Add the floral and accessory accents.
  2. Bond the bouquet tightly so it doesn’t lose its shape.
  3. Cut the stems to the same length. Your bouquet should be able to stand on its own when placed on a table.
  4. Have fun creating your bond bouquet. Experiments with shapes, textures and colours, and more importantly, make it your own!