Gold and pink bound bouquet – commercial level

Published on October 25, 2020


Let us start at the beginning and explain the difference in between both of these arrangements.

A demonstrative bouquet is used to demonstrate what you can do and achieve. Basically, you showcase your technical and creative abilities. Think of it as your curriculum or portfolio. You are testing your knowledge on the market; you take beautiful pictures and show it to potential customers.

Now to the commercial bouquet.

A commercial arrangement will take the same avenue as the demonstrative one you made by simplifying the elements and techniques. You will often have to produce many of them, think Valentine’s day 😉. The more you simplify your design and ideas and the more you become efficient in time and money-wise. Therefore, one is to display what you can do and the other is to commercialize/sell.

In this second bound bouquet video, Isabel will show you how to make a simplified commercial arrangement using the same technique as in the video about the demonstrative bound bouquet.

Your objective and challenge is the same. Use the demonstrative technique on a commercial bouquet, or if you prefer, how to use your best skills in everyday arrangements.



  1. Stem all your design elements before starting.
  2. Build the structure with branches or wheat stems. Attach them securely with bent wires. Create the shape and design you want.
  3. Insert all stems the will serve as background to your bouquet. In the video, Isabel used snowy eucalyptus and cotton as her canvas.
  4. Insert your floral accents. You can have more than one but careful to not over do it.
  5. Add some unexpected elements for more dynamism.
    A ribbon well placed, stars or a card can play a big role in creating a fun and interesting bouquet.
  6. Finish your arrangement with leaves for an aerial and voluminous effect to an otherwise rigid structure.
  7. Bound your bouquet very tightly because you do not want to lose its shape.
  8. Cut the stems if too long or as needed.
  9. Wrap your arrangement and it is ready to go to find its new home!

We hope this article and video gave you inspiration and the urge to create! Have fun and explore this technique as needed.

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