How to stem your preserved flowers and roses with receptacle stems

Published on January 12, 2021

Many options are available when comes the time to stem a preserved flower or rose. Very few, or none, offers the same flexibility and rapidity as the supple plastic stems with a receptacle. If you want to make your life as easy as possible for your floral creation, we created a small guide to help you choose the best one for you.

To assemble the rose and the stem we advise you to use hot glue. Low, medium, or hot temperature, it doesn’t matter. Please take note the drying time varies with the glue temperature.

We do not recommend using Oasis floral glue. We’ve tried and it works but your stem will become sticky. Plus, you will wait forever for it to dry. In other words, hot glue for the win!


  1. Choose the appropriate stem for the size of your flower head (please refer to the guide at the end of this article).
  1. Put some hot glue inside the stem receptacle.
  1. Insert the small flower head stem inside the receptacle. Keep in place for a few seconds or until dry.

  1. You now have a stemmed flower ready to insert in an arrangement.

In the presentation, you will see that we used only preserved roses to demonstrate the use of the stems. Don’t stop yourself in using them with all permanent flowers, dried flowers and silk ones, but not on anything fresh for the sake of your buds.

Have fun in trying them and exploring this new product line!

To each rose its stem